Supporting You

During your free consultation, I will listen and help you identify the challenging life areas that you are seeking support for.

Together we can create a meaningful support for you that may include the following offerings

End of Life Review & Preparation (3-8 hours)

Who is this suitable for?
  • Individuals who are preparing for their death
  • Families who are helping in the preparation for the death of a family member
  • Retirees
  • Individuals who want to have peace of mind ‘just in case’ of a medical crisis or own death
What does it include?
  • Introductions & Life Review
  • Advanced Care Planning
    • A legal document that outlines your care wishes in the case of a serious medical event
  • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
    • Provide information and education in MAID
    • Help facilitate the referral process and provision for individuals and their families
  • Legacy & Vigil
    • Planning what you wish to pass on to your loved ones or community when you die
      • Cultural Needs
      • Pain Management
      • Physical Comforts
      • EnvironmentHow you wish to be supported in mind, body, and soul during your final days and hours of life. For example:
      • Temperature & Air Quality
    • End of Life Doula
      • Provide information and referral
      • Help facilitate End of Life Doula referral and process
    • Estate Planning
      • Ensures that your money, property, and belongings are distributed according to your wishes
      • Includes ensuring that your will/trust, beneficiaries designated for financial accounts or life insurance, durable power of attorney and pulling together a list of your online accounts
      • Referral to a Estate Planner or Executor Advisor
  • End of Life post death preparation
    • Funerals or memorial services
      • The preparation for these services is for your loved ones to honor you and comfort each other and bring you peace of mind
      • Review choices available and decide exactly what type of funeral, cremation, burial service, family plot or celebration of life you would prefer and how you want to be remembered

Grief Support (1 hour sessions)

What is grief?

Grief is a strong emotion that appears when a person loses anything that they held a strong emotional connection to and is linked to losing identify, freedom or expectations. For example, grief will result due to the loss of a loved one, illness, divorce, home, job. Grief is not a mental disorder it is a normal response to a devastating life altering experience. Grieving looks different for different people. Some people benefit through the comfort of friends and family while others may feel the need for additional support from a counsellor.

Who is this suitable for?
  • Individuals who are dying
  • Individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Families who are helping in the preparation for the death of a family member
  • Families or group who have lost a member (group support)
  • Individuals who are living with an illness or non-death loss (home, job, divorce, separation)
What does it include?
  • Grief therapy sessions as needed with a BCCSW and BCASW Registered Social Worker Practitioner specializing in grief, bereavement, and loss counselling
    • Rates are insurable and sliding scale is available

End of Life Comprehensive Preparation & Grief Support

Who is this suitable for?
  • For the individual and their family who need support that is comprehensive of all the above plus facilitating non-medical care and support in the final days and hours of life
What does it include?
  • Introduction & Life Review
  • Complete End of Life Preparation and Wishes
    • Advance Care Planning:
    • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
    • Estate planning information, referral, and completion (i.e.: WILL support)
    • Vigil
    • Legacy work
    • Facilitate hospice or end of life doula support for the final days
    • Provide any support in helping coordinate any medical support needed
    • Post-death wishes & facilitate coordination with the family
    • Formal comprehensive, confidential and legally binding document
  • Grief and bereavement support to the individual and their family members
  • Length of support to be discussed during consultation and assessment as determined by client needs


  • End of Life Care, Preparation & Support fee –  $150/hour
  • Grief counselling payment due at the end of each session – individual – $165/hour / family – $180/hour 
  • Extended Health Benefits coverage & sliding scale portion also available – please inquire
  • You will be provided with an Advance Care Planning legal directive & confidential & signed end of life plan