Meaningful Endings offers support, compassion and empowerment to individuals and families in end-of-life care, preparation and grief counselling

Although death and grief is part of life, it is often separated from our lives and is therefore met with fear, discomfort, silence and isolation. There are many reasons why we are protected from death or our grief and often avoid the conversation or is met with awkwardness. Why we fear these topics may be due to facing our regrets, or fear of our own mortality, however two primary reasons are that we just don’t feel prepared, or it brings a great deal amount of pain to the surface. Understandably, discussing end of life and issues of loss and grief may bring attention to those things that we try to avoid, however finding the courage to talk, taking care of end-of-life planning and getting support for your grief, can be healing, empowering and opens up the possibility of finding meaning in your experience.

Cynthia Gyuk, RSW, BSW

  • Registered Social Worker – British Columbia College of Social Worker & BC Association of Social Workers
  • Death, Dying, Bereavement Certificate – Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Chronic Illness, Depression and Anxiety – WLU
  • End of Life Doula Certificate – Douglas College
  • Grief Movement and Yoga Instructor Certification

During the last few years, I have been focused on integrating more meaning into my life, creating work that is purposeful, useful and that inspires me while empowering the lives of others. To my clients, I am touched that you have shared your lives, losses, illnesses, and death experiences with me. You are my teachers, and I am grateful to each of you for this work.

My career in the medical field, combined with my extensive social work background, has provided me with many opportunities to support clients with their mental wellness and optimize patient care. I am grateful for these areas of work, as I have had the opportunity to learn from all walks of life. Their journeys and experiences have compelled me to support others with the more difficult times in their life as a result of grief, illness, loss, death, and end of life planning.

Through my own experience of death, loss, illness and supporting loved ones through difficult times, I have always felt the need to be there for others, but that I could have done more in these moments. I have witnessed the heartbreak, frustration, and strains of unpreparedness, tragic losses, illness and the long-lasting impact that this has on individuals and their families, including my own. I created Meaningful Endings to help people to continue to nurture the bond with their loved ones and to explore the value and meaning in preparing for their own end of life and supporting non-death losses such as living with a chronic illness. Many people share that end-of-life planning, or exploring their grief, is to seek peace and finding meaning, however, they also have the desire to lift these burdens from their loved ones. Reviewing and exploring end of life planning, or your grief, can help you release your fears, offer healing and bring more meaning to your life.

My professional background and training have inspired me to know that I can bring support, light, and beauty into what often feels dark, anxious, and fearful. Our time together will embrace supportive theories that encourage your story and focus on your self-determination, values, history, family environment, and personal wishes. Our work together starts where you are so you can gain clarity on what you need to live a more peaceful and joyful life. Whether you are dying, supporting a family member who is dying, needing support through your grief, chronic illness or seeking to plan and prepare for your end of life, I am here to help you. I have created this space to be a witness to your journey, where you can bare your grief, fears, and share your goals and end of life wishes. I recognize that it can be challenging or painful to discuss your loss or end-of life plans, but I promise that together, and with my support, your journey can be met with beauty, humour, empowerment, and meaning.